About Thoughtful Thyroid

Thoughtful Thyroid is an initiative by thyroid patient advocates Rachel Hill from The Invisible Hypothyroidism and Nadha Hassen from Thyroid Transitions.

We have come together to bring a thoughtful, mindful approach to healing from the effects of thyroid disease by empowering fellow thyroid patients via online courses that enable learning, understanding, good health and wellness.

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Rachel Hill is the founder, writer, blogger, author, speaker and thyroid advocate behind The Invisible Hypothyroidism, an award-winning thyroid patient advocacy website. Rachel Hill
Having Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism, she talks openly and honestly about what it’s like to have these and what has helped her and many others to recover their health and thrive with thyroid disease. She is passionate about helping those with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s and is well recognised as a valuable contributor to the thyroid community. Her focus for Thoughtful Thyroid was to bring informational content to the course, as well as empowering and uplifting tools and resources.

Rachel and The Invisible Hypothyroidism can be found across twitter, facebook, instagram and the flagship website, as well as in Rachel’s books: Be Your Own Thyroid Advocate and You, Me and Hypothyroidism.


Nadha Hassen is the founder, writer, thyroid wellness coach and chronic illness advocate behind Thyroid Transitions, which provides Thyroid Wellness 1:1 Coaching. Nadha HassenHaving had thyroid cancer, she helps other thyroid patients regain their lives as she has already done, through coaching and speaking about mindfulness, mental health and wellbeing. Nadha has contributed her invaluable insight and knowledge regarding mindfulness, cultivating a proactive and positive mindset and activities to help thyroid patients breakthrough their thyroid symptoms and reclaim their lives, for Thoughtful Thyroid.

Nadha and Thyroid Transitions can be found across facebook, instagram and of course home website.

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